The Future Is Fronto: Why Fronto Leaf is Superior To Other Smoking Wraps

The Future Is Fronto: Why Fronto Leaf is Superior To Other Smoking Wraps

8th May 2023

The Future Is Fronto: Why Fronto Leaf is Superior To Other Tobacco Wraps

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or rolling for the first time, you will learn that there are several ways to indulge. Throughout the years, we have noticed that Fronto leaves are becoming increasingly popular while blunt wraps, including Backwoods and Dutch Masters, are becoming less common.

Awareness of Fronto leaves started to grow more rapidly among US consumers when famous rappers began introducing it in their song lyrics. Here are more reasons why Fronto leaves are gaining popularity and the many benefits they possess compared to Backwoods and other wrapping papers.

Fronto Leaves Vs. Backwoods and Friends


The main appeal of Fronto for most users is saving money. Fronto leaves are a more cost-effective alternative to other tobacco products. Whole leaf tobacco costs much less than pre-rolled tobacco. Additionally, an entire Fronto leaf can allow you to roll between 10-15 wraps. The price of one leaf is typically $3, and the most expensive is roughly $8. Backwoods cigars are more expensive, particularly because they are imported from the Dominican Republic and technically not sold to the United States commercially.

•All Natural

Fronto leaves are entirely natural and are derived from the tobacco plant. There are no additives and no harsh chemicals used on these products; this contributes to the rich quality flavor and the smooth burn that enhances the smoking experience. Smokers who use White Owl Dutch, for example, complain of its bitter taste and its tendency to burn unevenly.

• Health Benefits

Fronto's rise in popularity is because more and more people are learning about the benefits of rolling with an all-natural leaf rather than using pressed paper or wraps that are laced with harsh chemicals. Consumers of Fronto prefer that the leaves are stored in airtight packages and remain in good condition for up to a year.

Also Fronto leaves provide a much a slow-burning rate. Unlike other wraps, it does not burn within a few minutes and allows you to truly enjoy your smoke.

Here, at The Real Fronto, we provide high-quality fronto leaves that are 100% natural and are guaranteed to make your smoking experience the best one possible.