About Us


Fronto Leaf has been a staple of our family for generations. Our grandfather owned several acres of farmland in Freeman, Virginia where one of the crops he grew was tobacco. That is where our commitment and fascination with high quality Fronto leaves originated. Growing up we were exposed to the attention to detail that goes into premium tobacco leaves. We decided to take all our grandfather’s insight and knowledge of the process of tobacco leaves and start The Real Grabba, a premium Fronto leaf distributor with a commitment to providing top grade tobacco leaves to enhance the smoking experience of our customers


Because of our grandfather’s dedication to high quality tobacco leaves, here at The Real Grabba, all our products are 100% natural tobacco leaves. All our leaves are free of chemicals, bleachers and inks or dies. We don't use wrap or machine made cigars which typically consist of synthetic sheet papers ourselves so we wouldn't expect you to! Our leaf is checked for freshness and quality each stage of packaging. Our product comes from our years of smoking and testing experience, which taught us which tobacco leaves make customer and company expectations for rolling and smoking.

Most people are unaware of the Fronto tobacco leaf, but the truth is this leaf has been around for decades. The Fronto leaf comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and gives off a potent and bold smoke when rolled up in a paper or smoked in a pipe. The word “fronto” comes from Fanta, a term originally used in the Jamaican culture

The real difference in fronto leaves lies in its various types. Complete Leaf Tobacco is typically seen as the definition of fronto because the leaf is long and full, and the stem is intact. When sold through retailers, only sales tax is levied on the leaves. When sold through wholesale, however, no taxes are applied.

Here at The Real Grabba, we are committed and dedicated to always providing only the highest quality of leaf to make sure every time you sit down to smoke and relax and unwind, you have the best smoking experience possible.