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Learn about our wholesale pricing today!

The Real Fronto – where we specialize in the finest grade tobacco leaves at wholesale, retail, and enterprise pricing We are very selective with the choice of our tobacco offers.

Our tobacco is chosen from farmers who all have vast experiences growing various grades for generations. It’s a family tradition that involves great pride to be able to produce the best quality.


We are fully involved in the growing process from the seeding all the way to the harvest. It’s quite customary to perform site visits during the growing season in order to interact with the farmers and to ensure that best practices are being adhered to at all times.

As a licensed wholesale tobacco distributor we can meet any of your company’s need. We offer wholesale pricing for our fronto and grabba products and there is no order size we can't meet.


Send us a email at info@therealfronto.come or give us a call at 5169988283 for more information about pricing or to place a wholesale order today! For you, our valued customer, we endeavor to always have available an optimum selection of grades to please your business clients; or to be consumed for your personal satisfaction.