The National Leaf Association


The Fronto Leaf and Grabba Tobacco industry is a rapidly growing and constantly evolving industry. With new smoking and rolling trends popping up all the time, staying up to date with the brands that customers currently prefer is imperative to long-sustained success in this industry.

With over 750 different Tobacco companies in the US alone, it can be rather difficult to narrow down which products exactly to purchase for your stores to drive the most consistent profit. As a member of the Natural Leaf Wholesale Association, all the guesswork is removed from your buying process because we use market research and customer data to give you the necessary knowledge and data needed to succeed.

Natural Leaf Wholesale Association is a coalition of Tobacco wholesalers, Tobacco farmers, Tobacco store owners, and Tobacco brands all centered around the idea of shared knowledge and community. We combine our expertise, research, network, and resources to pro- vide our members with the most up-to-date and valuable information about the Tobacco industry. We have realized that as business owners we are much more effective and profitable when we work together and look forward to sharing our knowledge and resources with our current and new members.



  • Help sourcing the best fronto leaf and grabba products at affordable prices to maximum return on your product investment
  • Help to obtain the proper licenses and helpful guidance to staying compliant with state laws and regulations
  • Access to the latest Tobacco industry trends and news related to the natural leaf and grabba market
  • Learn how to most efficiently and safely process, store and package your fronto leaves and grabba
  • The opportunity to network with Tobacco industry leaders, both Tobacco manufacturers and retailers
  • Access to virtual Tobacco and business classes and seminars
  • 2 tickets to the annual Natural Leaf Wholesale Association Grabba Convention


If you have any questions or would like any additional information regarding the Natural Leaf Wholesale Association, please feel free to contact us at or call us at (301) 356-3364

Let us help your tobacco business make more money!