The Best Ways to Store & Clean Tobacco Leaves!

8th May 2023

The Best Ways to Store & Clean Tobacco Leaves!

Be it smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or showing off new smoking tricks with a shisha pipe, always remember that your guilty pleasure is mainly possible due to tobacco leaves.
This is why you need to be careful while storing and cleaning these fragile plants as they might become brittle and turn into sawdust.

How to Store Tobacco Leaves?

Usually, the original company bags or containers that the tobacco leaves come in are the ideal storage options since they are airtight and can keep the tobacco fresh for as long as two years.
Some other options include storing leaves in Tupperware or plastic containers. However, these are best for short-term use since the containers may not be completely airtight.
Here’s what you can do to store tobacco leaves effectively:
• Get a plastic container and put foil around the top of the tobacco pile
• Moisture or dampen a paper towel and place it on top
• Close the lid tightly
Remember not to soak paper towels to the point that the water leaks directly on the tobacco. Secondly, if you don’t have a paper towel, a sponge or fruit slice may also do the trick.
On the other hand, you can even get a tight mason jar to store the leaves. Do ensure that the jar contains no residue before you store tobacco.

How to Clean Tobacco Leaves?

Normally, there’s no need to clean or wash the tobacco leaves if you store them properly.
However, if there is slight dirt, you can use a normal water spray to rinse the leaves.
Oh, and if you feel the leaves are way too crunchy or dry, just wet them before taking a roll!

Use the tips mentioned above and ensure your tobacco leaves always remain in pristine condition.
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