"Ultimate Party" Starter Kit - $70 | Two Grabba 30g Pouches, 5 Original Whole Fronto Leaves & 3 Grabba 12g Tubes

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The ultimate “The Real Fronto” party pack. Have enough fronto and grabba for the next party or kick back. The Starter Kit comes with Two "Classic" Grabba/Funnel 30g Pouches, 5 Original Whole Fronto Leaves & 3 Grabba/Funnel 12g Tubes. Theres nothing worse then running out of fronto or grabba so we created the The Real Fronto Party Starter Kit so you don’t have to worry about that happening again!



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An all-natural blend of dried and crushed dark fronto leaves. Each bag contains approx 400 - 450 grams of crushed grabba in a resealable air-tight bag.



Email us at info@therealgrabba.com to place an order!  Approx. 400 - 450 grams of Grabba/Funnel…